7 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know

There are a number of things you need to know before having a erotic massage. Drink plenty of water before your appointment. This will prevent muscle stiffness and increased back sensitivity from dehydration. It will also help your massage therapist if it is hydrated. Dehydration can cause imbalance throughout the body.

It’s Fine to Get Butt Naked

It is important to feel comfortable during a massage. Although your therapist will be trained to help you feel comfortable, there are a few things you should know before the big day. These guidelines will help you have the best massage experience.

Your massage therapist will first ask you to change into comfortable clothes. Once you feel comfortable, they will ask you to leave the room. They’ll then cover your private parts with a sheet. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can always leave your underwear on. This will make it easier for the massage therapist. However, don’t wear big boxer shorts or baggy boxers since they will impede the therapist’s movements.

Although your massage therapist will not mind you getting your butt naked, it is important to be cautious. In a small massage room, you don’t want to accidentally set off an explosive gas bomb. If you need to pee or blow your nostrils, stop the session and go to the toilet.


It is important to breathe while you are receiving a massage. Breathing normally can help you relax and reduce your stress levels. It can also help you to be more aware of your body’s natural signals. It can also improve your massage experience. You will have a more pleasant experience if you remember to breathe.

During the massage, you’ll want to take deep breaths to relax your muscles. You can feel the different sensations beneath your fingertips by taking deep breaths while the massage is being performed. Breathing deeply is also crucial for oxygenating your blood and aiding your respiratory system.

Warm Showers Before are a Great Idea

Having a warm shower before a massage is a great idea, because it helps you relax and unwind before the massage begins. A warm shower is also a nice way to alleviate any concerns you might have about your personal hygiene. Additionally, it will be courteous of you to show up for your massage appointment with a clean, fresh appearance. Ideally, you should wear loose fitting clothing, as it will make the massage session more relaxing for your body.

Although it is tempting to take a cold bath right after a massage treatment, it is not a good idea if your skin is still greasy from the massage. It’s better to wait a couple of hours before showering. The water temperature will have cooled down by then, and your muscles will have a chance to regenerate.

Warm water also works to relax your body without aggravating the muscles. Warm showers can also help to reduce inflammation and pain. A warm shower is a better alternative than a hot bath, which can cause more pain and inflammation. Warm showers will help to relax the body and allow for a more effective massage.

Before taking a warm shower, prepare your room and do something relaxing. You can do gentle yoga or read a book. Or you can massage your skin with a skin care product. The shower is a time for you to wind down from the day. You can also do gentle yoga in the shower.

Afterwards, it is a good idea to drink lots of water. A massage releases toxins from your muscles, so drinking water will help your massage therapist work on your muscles more efficiently. You will feel more relaxed by flushing out toxins.

Be Strategic About Timing

When marketing your massage business, you must be strategic about your timing. You need to identify your target audience, decide which marketing channels will be most effective at attracting them, and then create a plan to execute that marketing strategy. You must also decide on what types of massages your business will offer. This is critical because you have to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Before you start a massage appointment, divide the client’s time into primary areas and decide how long you will spend on each part. You might spend five minutes on each leg, and 20 minutes on your back. After you have completed each area, you should build ten minutes extra in for prep. This way, you won’t run behind the rest of the day.

Your marketing strategy should address where clients can find you and why they should use your services. Include ways to reach your target audience, such as radio spots and local advertisements. Word-of-mouth referrals are also a great way to attract repeat business. Word-of-mouth marketing is not a substitute for a marketing strategy. It takes time to build and maintain.

You can also use the internet for people who share your interests. This will give you a chance to discuss business questions and best practices with them. You can use social media sites and local coffee shops, or even meet with someone in their home to have this discussion.

It is important to be flexible when choosing a massage therapist. This will ensure that you can spend the appropriate amount of time with the client. This will make your business more profitable and your day less stressful. However, it can be tricky to set boundaries, but it is important to have some rules in place in order to get a good massage.