8 Tips to find the best listing agent for your house

If you have decided to list your property, you will need to pay a real estate agent significant fee to handle the tedious work of selling your home. This means that you can expect prompt attention to your home and excellent service. Here are eight things to look for in a real estate burleson listing agents.

1) Protect yourself from potential lawsuits arising from your lack knowledge regarding contract and real estate law by hiring a knowledgeable realty agent.

2) Your agent shouldn’t be too busy. However, you want them be successful. This will show that they are able to list the right properties and sell those homes.

3) You want to make sure that your agent offers assurances about their ability to show your home on a regular basis, that your property is properly marketed, and that your flyer will be useful for other agents and prospective buyers.

4) Don’t lock yourself into long-term listings. Depending upon the market, 60 days may not be enough to show an agent what you can do. It allows you the option to terminate your agreement with your agent at any time.

5) Make sure you have no hidden costs in the sales contracts or listing. Some companies charge a “quick selling fee”, sometimes upto $1,000, if your property sells quickly. Be sure to explain all real estate fees at the beginning.

6) Negotiate a lower fee if it is important to you. This can be especially true in a rapidly-moving market. An agent might not even need to do anything except place a sign on your yard and register your home with MLS.

7) Do not be pressured into paying more than you are entitled to for closing costs. You work for the agent, and their primary concern should be to make you as much money as possible.

8) You want your agent personable. You might like them in person. However, it’s worth calling the office to find out how they sound over the phone. It’s likely that potential buyers will also be impressed by how professional and friendly they are. Both you and potential customers will appreciate their ability to quickly reach out to them via cell phone.

A listing agent is necessary if your goal is to get your home listed for the right price and sell it as soon as possible. Make sure to do your homework and interview multiple agents before making your final decision.