Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Industry and How to Plan an Assistance Program

When planning an employee assistance program, you should take into consideration many variables that could affect the design and implementation of the program. Since there are more than enough unknown variables that could bog down the plans, an in-depth examination of the most commonly used variables will pay off in the futureTn abc card.

The first step is that the plan must be written. The plan should include specific evidence of the details to justify its any eventual implementation. Each stage must be defined, labeled and assigned the priority. It is important to be precise about timing. A plan outline should look like the following:

  1. A. Description of program.Write a detailed description that you can present to the company’s management and to the labor leaders in the event that members are represented by unions.
  2. Request a letter of endorsement for the plan from a senior manager of the organization.
  3. Print the brochure.The brochure should include an abbreviated version of the program and include the endorsement of the highest executive of the business.If employees are affiliated with a labor union, the brochure should be given to them in the future and labor might want to be included on the flyer. Create a distribution strategy that will be used to promote the brochure.

D.Research other methods for distribution of brochures within the business

  1. Check out insurance company plans for coverage of the treatment of addiction and alcoholism.
  2. Identify all treatment sources
  3. Plan the administration of the program
  4. Enlist internal support for the program such as supervisors, foremen, supervisors and labor , if necessary.
  5. Plan the supervisor’s training sessions.
  6. About the program
  7. Their roles in the program
  8. How do you refer people to the program
  9. Implement and create an employee information strategy

It is vital to make the program known within the company. Making sure to refer to an employee aid program under the “Company Policy” is very crucial as that will serve as the foundation of the program. It is equally important to establish how to evaluate the performance for the plan. A program for employee assistance is required to provide evidence that is credible of its effectiveness, so reliable documents are essential to prove the program’s success for it to last.