Andis T-Outliner Hair Trimmer Review

Salons require tools that are able to work for long hours, and also serve many clients. Over the past 90 years, Andis has been providing professional grooming professionals with trimmers and clippers that exceed the highest standards of their requirements best clippers for bald head.

Its Andis T Outliner is the perfect tool for fading outlining, trimming, and fading difficult to reach places like around the ears and nose. Cutting mustaches and bears is also incredibly easy by using this Andis T Outliner hair trimmer. With the highest quality blades constructed of steel and carbon both of which are extremely durable This trimmer is the top of the line in terms of quality and durability. This premium construction will ensure that the tool will last for a long time. tool , no matter how often it is used or misused. The blades are extremely durable and have very fine cutting teeth which allow the blades to cut very close to allow for precise trimming. This allows them to be near to skin and not creating tiny nicks, rash or irritation. A high-speed, powerful magnetic motor operates quietly and remains cool, giving stylists the chance to provide their clients with ease and ease. Its Andis T Outliner has a hanging loop as well as an 8-foot cord that makes it simple to use and store, making it perfect for salons. The ergonomic design is designed to fit the hand of the user comfortably and securely, using this T Outliner Trimmer does not place unnecessary strain on the hands or wrists and offers ultimate control and function.

Most Notable T Outliner Features Include:

Great for all-around timming fades and outlining.

Trim beards, necks, mustaches and to create a border around ears.

Also, it can be used to dry shaving.

Professional, heavy-duty, 8-ft. extension cord that has a hanger loop.

The T-Blade with close cutting for more precise cutting and greater versatility.

Blade made of tough, carbon-steel that has been specially hardened to ensure an extended cutting lifespan.

Fine-cutting teeth that allow for very precise cutting.

Contoured and ergonomic housing.

It is comfortable to hold in any hand.

Reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

The powerful magnetic motor is fast and cool, quiet and effectively.

120 volts – 60 watt.

UL recognized.

A one (1) year warranty from the manufacturer.

A young Mathew Andis, who sold his clippers door-to- doors in 1921 He would have been happy to learn that his company would go on to become the leader in the market for hair care. With a reputation for excellence and quality with the focus on the latest technology and products that are first to market, Andis is continuing to raise brand awareness and ensure their position as an industry most popular brand.