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Many agencies at the startup stage prefer working on google docs and store their database on local computers. I suggest that the first thing to do would be to subscribe to a ‘recruitment agency software’. Yes,Guest Posting the greatest challenge is to choose from the multitude of various software available in the market. Most software nowadays is available on the cloud and on a monthly/annual subscription basis.

The cost of such software could range from 25$ to abu dhabi city tours 150$ a month per user. Buying on an annual basis could get you a 20 percent discount. Once you are sure a software suits your purpose it makes sense to subscribe to it on an annual basis. Business software is not something that you would be changing frequently. Therefore it is imperative that you choose the same wisely after deliberate considerations.

I have come across various articles on the net which compare software based on features and rate them based on customer review. I, however, believe that for choosing software, the agency must understand the need for various features and then decide which ones are the ‘must have’ and which features are the ‘good to have’ ones.

Here the , which is basically adding a candidate to the system ( ie maintaining an applicant database) and seeing her through the selection process is the common feature. However, the big difference is the different workflows handled by these two entities.

The hiring company gets direct applicants and also gets resumes from recruitment agencies, which need to be tracked. For recruitment agencies, they need to send resumes to the client(hiring company), keep track of the candidates as well as bill a successful placement. Therefore both these entities require different software.There is also other software in the market like RPO software (recruitment process outsourcing) and VMS software (Vendor Management System). Even these are more relevant to the Hiring Company than to a recruitment agency.Platform Features – ‘Must haves’ & ‘Good to have’

I will hereon list out the features in the order of importance to a recruitment agency. The need for features will increase as the agency grows, works with more clients has a larger database and of course a larger recruitment team. It is left to you to decide what are your ‘must have’ and ‘good to have’ features. And yes, when you are just starting, your choice will also depend on the price of the software. I will now list out some features that I feel are a must have (and good to have) for