EMR and EHR System Implementation Best Practices – Part 3 – Research Methodology

Design, at a basic level, means planning. Generally some decisions are to be taken before the actual action. The design is a plan to ensure that action achieves its objective. So it is the way to avoid wasteful expenditure of money, time and energy. Research design is the blueprint for research. The researcher records his decision by using relevant symbols or concepts. And these symbolic constructions are called research design. The process data collection, sampling and analysis of the collected facts are to be organized as per the basic of the trade design. The whole study can be done in a systematic manner. So the strategy needs careful planning and preparation.

Media research required a comprehensive plan Purpose of Research of action. If research can be defined as systematic inquiry into a subject media research can be defined as the process to examine media topic methodically. A media student faces a wide variety of assignments requiring planning and preparation of the research design. Media research is a modern field of inquiry and is studied in a great variety of allied disciplines. So, the research sources for this subject exist in the social and behavioral science, the arts and the humanities. With so much information available, determining the best is not easy. So proper designing is the need for media research.

Second step in research is the research design. It is the skeleton for the research project. Decision regarding what, where, when, how much, by what means concerning an inquiry or a research study constitute a research design. It is a process of deliberate anticipation directed towards bringing an expected situation under control. Claire, Deutsch and cook define research design as, “The arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with the china trade company. In fact, it is the structure within which research is conducted. The design constitutes the blue prints for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. So, the agenda from writing hypothesis to the final analysis of data is research design.

The design decision is based on an accepted methodology. After formulating the research problem, the researcher tried to translate the ideal match model into practical one. So, an ideal research procedure is needed to solve the research problem. It is stated that the idealized research design as it is concerned with specifying the optimum research procedure that could be followed where there is no practical restrictions.