Engaging The Blood Of The Covenant

Are you a part in the covenant of new creation made with God? Are you enjoying all the benefits of the covenant? God is a covenant-keeping God and He is not going to alter His promises regarding this new covenant. This article will demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing the covenant’s blood in getting all the benefits of the Mystery of the Blood Covenants.

This is the promise I will sign with them in the future according to the LORD… Their transgressions and the lawless acts they committed I will not remember any more. So, dear brothers, have faith and courage to enter into the Holy through Jesus’ blood Jesus… with total faith getting our hearts cleansed of an unclean conscience, and having our bodies cleansed by pure water. Keep the faith we have in Christ and never waver. Hebrews 10:16-17, 19, 22-23 (NKJV).

A lot of Christian people are aware that they’ve entered into an agreement with God through salvation, however the majority of them aren’t getting the benefits of this covenant. They are aware of the promises made by God to them, yet they have yet to taste the benefits. This is mainly due to their insufficiency or the lack of belief.

God has a brand new and more favourable relationship with his children with better promises. Jesus serves as the mediator and a guarantee of the New Covenant (Hebrews 7:22; Hebrews 8:6). When you accept Jesus for your own Lord and Saviour you are a part of the new covenant and get access to the promised inheritance.

Is a covenant a promise?

It is an agreement with two different parties (In this instance, God along with His sons and daughters) with clearly defined conditions. This is an agreement that defines what each party must perform. The covenant God has with his children has promised to carry out certain actions for them, and in return required to follow certain guidelines. The Lord will always do his own word, however human beings are the ones who consistently does not do his part. But, many Christians are fulfilling their obligations but cannot grasp the promises. They must be engaged in the covenant’s blood.

The blood of the covenant is the power of the covenant

If you have a testament there has to be the death of the testator. The Old Testament, animals had to be sacrificed in multiple ways in order to dedicate the testament, however within the New Testament, the blood of Jesus was shed one time and forever to:

  1. Clean and perfect all those who have been made holy.Our sins and sins God does not remember.
  2. Visit into the holy of Holies to ensure the complete redemption of God, and an everlasting release to us.We are completely reconciled to God after being redeemed from the kingdom of darkness to the light kingdom.
  3. Give fulfillment of the promised inheritance to the ones who are named.
  4. The testament must be sealed and ratified.This new covenant has become now officially validand is acknowledged by the kingdoms darkness and light, God and the devil.

How do I take part in the covenant’s blood.

  1. A) You must understand that you are able to overcome through Jesus’ blood. Jesus Christ.The advantages from the Covenant are yours to enjoy when you’ve done your part, however the enemy will try to sabotage against it.Therefore, you must be a part of the blood that forms the covenant’s seal.
  2. B) Step boldly into the most holy place through the blood.Enter with confidence to the throne to receive mercy and gain grace in times of the need.
  3. C) Be sure of faith and have your heart cleansed of guilt through the blood.You require faith and a an unclean conscience to receive the benefit of the inheritance you have received.
  4. D) Keep firm the declaration of your faith.Do not sway in the declaration about your inheritance promise. believe in the promises of God with complete conviction of God is the Lord who has made promises is reliable and will fulfill the promises He made to you.

In the end, you are made a covenant with God Engage in with the blood of Jesus as the seal and blood of the covenant in order to gain advantage of the benefits that come from the contract. Make sure to rely on to the blood of Jesus against anything that might be attempting to prevent your access to these benefits. Additionally, through the blood you are requesting your fulfillment of all prophecies that were given to you now. Your testimony will be the next step.