Five Tents and their Uses within the Modern Day

If there’s one thing that nearly every culture in the world have in common , it’s the tent. It is used for habitation by nomadic communities as well as for recreation by campers and also as semi-permanent homes for both international and military aid organizations. They are also used for covering for the weather and shade for special events like weddings, festivals, or corporate occasions. This article provides the details of five of the most prominent use of tents in contemporary society.

  1. Tents and Tents in the Old Testament

All nomadic tribes around the globe have a form of traditional tents that can be used as a portable home. The most well-known groups are Native American, Bedouin, Tibetan and Mongolian tribes. They have lived in these tents for centuries and the tents are an integral and widely recognized part of their own history Bedouin tent.

  1. Tents for Tents used in the military Uses of Tents

Since the beginning of time, tents have been an integral aspect of the day-to-day life of armies across the globe. It is because they are relatively simple to set up and tear down. Today, this is not changing and today they are used by the US Department of Defence or DoD is the most frequent use of military tents. They are used for temporary barsracks, dining facilities and forward operating bases headquarters for tactical operations, and even as recreation spaces. These modern marvels of military technology are designed specifically to be used by military personnel and can be outfitted with heating or air conditioning according to the climate.

  1. Tents for the Recreational Uses of Tents

Camping is a wildly frequent method of recreation in nearly every nation and in a lot of instances, tents or similar domains are utilized. The reason is that tents are cost-effective and useful in the savannah or wilderness because of their portability and minimal environmental impact.

  1. Tents in Emergencies: Tents in times of emergency

Tents are utilized for aid to the poor in all over the world during times of war, industrial or natural disasters, as well as during the relief of famine. One of the biggest users of tents can be the United Nations who uses tents as temporary shelters for homeless populations, food distribution points as well as as mobile hospitals. The organization which distributes tents to the United Nations is known by the abbreviation UNHCR.

  1. Tents and Tents as a Method of Protest Movements

Tents have been utilized by protest groups in nearly every nation from the 1960’s onwards. They have been used for protests against nuclear power, economic protests peace demonstrations, and most recently in September 2011 , by The Occupy Movement in the USA. It is said that the Occupy Movement even goes as in the direction of establishing Tented communities in public areas to highlight social and economic inequality.