Gay Relationships

Want to know how to fix a relationship and get your ex back? For some it seems like the biggest mystery on the planet. Perhaps it is a caper worthy of the good Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. But then you probably have all you need to understand how to fix a relationship on your own. You just need a little nudge in the right direction in order to use this information well.

Learning how to fix a relationship first fight in relationship only takes high priority when a relationship you weren’t prepared to end has been ended or is getting close to the end of the rope. It is much easier to learn how to fix a relationship before one of you has left than after though neither situation is impossible in most relationships.

1)    Take baby steps. Go slow when the time to fix a relationship approaches. You don’t want to dive right in and scare your partner off or make your partner feel overwhelmed or trapped. You want to take small steps each day towards turning the broken relationship around and making it work for both of you.

2)    Start from the beginning. Make it a game with your partner if you feel you need to sell them on it. This is more about your attitude though than that of your partner. If you go back to the beginning and the first rush of shared passion and awareness you will find that you want to spend more time getting to know your partner, finding out if what you think you know is true, and really learning what makes your partner tick, turns your partner on, and gets your partner all riled up.

3)    Stop bringing the past into the present. Your relationships should be based on the moment but looking to the future. When you begin to spend more of your relationship quality time diving into and rolling in the mud of the past you will find that most of that mud is on you and things are no closer to being solved than they were when you started bringing the past into everything. The worst thing about living your relationships in the past is that you are building them on a very rocky, uneven, and brittle foundation.

4)    Learn to fight fair. Relationships are a series of ups and downs. When two people love each other passionately there are bound to be some fabulous fights as well as fabulous and passionate reconciliations along the way. Learn to fight fair if you don’t want to risk giving ammunition to your partner for future reference. It’s difficult to stick to a commitment to leave the past in the past if you are fighting dirty at the next stage in your relationship.