How do you find a Sealcoating Contractor?

It is vital to find a competent sealcoating contractor. You can find many people in this field these days, so it is worth learning as much as possible about sealcoating to make sure you hire the most qualified. Your Asphalt is a major investment for your home and business. So you want to make sure that you get the best possible price.

  1. It is important to make sure they are not gypsies (fly-by-nightery contractors).

These contractors may offer you discounts, and claim they will save you a lot of cash. Most often, these contractors only use black water. They will often dilute asphalt sealer significantly with water. When dealing with such people, there is also safety. These men will charge seniors $1000.00 when the job is usually $150.00. Ask for a website, business card, or a referral.

  1. It is important to know which type of asphalt sealer the contractor will use on your asphalt.

There are two types currently of asphalt sealer. One is water-based sealer, and one is coal tar based sealer. The coal-tar is more durable and better able to protect asphalt from rain, snow/ice, sun, and other elements. The majority of water base sealers that you will find in hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Home Depot are water-based. You can purchase coal tar sealers from commercial contractors. Many brands are also available at local hardware stores in 5 gallon containers. While you can sealcoat driveways yourself, be aware that it won’t be possible to mix the sand into the sealer the way contractors do. To do this, you will need to use a large tank to combine the sealer and sand. The sealer is more textured due to the sand. It also prevents asphalt from becoming slippery if it’s wet. It extends the lifespan of asphalt sealer.

  1. It is important to know which sealer types your contractor will use.

These are the most common ways to apply asphalt-sealer. The first is to apply asphalt sealer with a squeegee. This is also how home-owners apply the sealer themselves. The second application is to have the sealer in the tank. Once the tank has been filled, it can be pumped out with a water hose. A nozzle tip will then be used to spray the sealer onto the asphalt. Two sprays are required to apply the sealer evenly. Sometimes, an agitator may be used to mix the sealer in the tank.

  1. Make sure to check if the asphalt sealer fixes the cracks.

Asphalt sealer can only be used for hairline cracks. Crack filler may be used to seal larger cracks. You will need to cut alligator cracks out using a saw. Then, replace the asphalt with new asphalt. You should not allow your sealcoating contractor to apply sealer on asphalt less than ninetydays old. New asphalt requires time to cure before sealing it.

  1. What preparation work goes into sealcoating?

The contractor will sweep your asphalt surface using a broom. The contractor will then sweep away any dirt or grass on the asphalt to remove it from the sealer. If there are oil spots in asphalt that are less than 3/8 inch, a primer is applied to ensure sealer stickiness. Once the primer is dry, you can apply the asphalt sealing agent to the surface.