How to Become a Plumber: Career, Salary & Training 2023

Professional plumbers work to solve problems with long-term solutions to make sure they have happy customers and reliable reputations. Plumbers are also often willing to share helpful tips with customers about what to watch for or how to prevent future problems. You might be covered by a home warranty if you need to replace parts within the first year.

Specialty Residential Plumber – proof of 6,000 hours, and not less than six years, working as a residential plumber under the supervision of a certified plumber. To be allowed to work in South Carolina, plumbers must be licensed by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Residential Builders Commission. However, in case you want to work as a commercial plumbing contractor, you will need to have a license issued by the state from the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board. North Dakota law requires that you must hold a state license to work as a plumber there.

Furthermore, you must apply for and pass, the plumbers licensing exam within a maximum apprenticeship period of six years. Individuals who want to become apprentice plumbers can choose among several different ways to accomplish this goal. The applicant will need to fill out a series of forms and take a basic aptitude test to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to start as an apprentice plumber. Additionally, the master plumber will be able to take on one or more apprentices to help manage the daily workload.

A plumber will work with and around pipes, drains and fixtures, including sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and faucets. How will they keep the space clean and tidy during and after their work? If you or a family member are allergic to certain cleaners, you may ask a plumber not to use them during their course of work.

The combination of these factors translates to a higher cost of hiring a plumber. They involve simple, easy-to-follow steps that most homeowners don’t have any issues handling.

Years of Experience

These costs usually cover tasks like toilet repair, faucet installation, and leaky pipe repair. Whether a homeowner is dealing with a burst pipe or budgeting for small kitchen remodel costs, this list of considerations will help them make sense of plumbing prices. The cost of plumbing repairs or installation varies based on the region and complexities of the project, but here’s what you can expect to pay for common household plumbing issues. Plumbers understand measures that can keep you and your family safe.

Average Hourly Salary by State

Plumbers frequently need to measure the length and diameter of pipes. They also put together plans and draft blueprints for intricate plumbing systems, so it’s important that they have a firm grasp on algebra and geometry. Similarly, computers are often used to create blueprints or draw up drafts of project plans, so it’s recommended that students take at least one computer course to learn the basics.

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In case you want to become a plumbing contractor in Nevada, you must hold a plumbing and heating contracting (classification C-1) license from the Nevada State Contractors Board. Another state, that requires that plumbers hold a state license to be able to work, is Maryland. You can choose from multiple plumber licenses, but you can get it only if you meet each of their requirements. There are two types of license and for each of them, you must pass an exam.

Simple DIY tasks at home, such as replacing the kitchen faucet or changing the toilet flapper, can also help to improve personal knowledge and experience with plumbing systems. Similarly, some plumbers choose to start a business, but they don’t hire any additional staff. This allows them to keep the overhead costs low, though it can be stressful to manage independently if the business is not going well or if it rapidly grows in popularity. Business owners will also want to budget for the best plumbing software like Jobber to help manage their business efficiently while growing it and adding to their client list. A journeyperson, also known as a journeyman, is an expert craftsperson that has completed an apprenticeship and passed the licensure exam required by the state. A non-journeyperson is an apprentice who is still in training or a plumber that has not obtained state licensing. ” many homeowners quickly find out that costs can add up fast, especially when there’s a major problem.

Another state, where plumbers do not need a license to work, is Pennsylvania. Not everyone can get the license, as there are requirements to be met to be eligible. Oklahoma is a state where all plumbers must have a state license to work.