How to Design Furniture: 13 Steps with Pictures

Clean furniture approximately every year with oil soap diluted according to product label instructions. Apply with a clean cotton cloth and work with the grain per the product directions. One of Mr. Greene’s pieces is a waterfall bench made from western red cedar. Environmentalists say landfills are becoming clogged with the mass-produced “fast furniture” that consumers discard.

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Kevin sticks self-adhesive sandpaper to tongue depressors or craft sticks to make precision sanding blocks. You can also use spray adhesive or even plain wood glue to attach the sandpaper. Sand the wood carefully to avoid removing the surrounding finish. The tape also keeps you from accidentally gouging the wood with the sharp corner of the blade. The curved blade allows you to adjust the depth of the scraper. If you tilt the blade a little, the curved center section will come closer to the surface to allow for removing really thin layers of paint for your refinishing furniture project. Wondering what to do with furniture you no longer need or want?

To keep dust from flying around as you dust, do damp dusting instead. For best results, dampen a microfiber cloth by holding a corner and lightly mist the cloth with clean water. Damp dusting with a moistened cloth keeps dust out of the air, capturing it in the cloth. What do you think of the furniture flipping side hustle? Since inventory costs are so low, it’s a pretty low risk business to experiment with.

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Ryan’s final furniture flipping tip was to start with simple furniture like dressers or small tables. And finally, steer clear of pieces that are overly ornate. Especially when you’re starting out, you want to get some quick, profitable flips under your belt, and that means NOT spending hours on the intricate details of a single item. Ryan first learned about furniture rehab and flipping from his wife. After watching her refinish their dining room table and a couple of their dressers, he decided to give it a shot himself. Whether you’re a flipping furniture as a hobby, or trying to turn it into a full-time income stream, you’ll follow a similar process.

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You can do this for pieces of wood furniture, such as a dresser or desk, to keep the corners from getting damaged in the move. Take pictures of each piece of furniture that you want to disassemble. Don’t forget, you’ll need to put the pieces of furniture back together again. It is a good idea to take pictures of the disassembling process so that you can have a visual reminder of what things are supposed to look like. To fill deep scratches, use wood filler or a colored filler wax stick available at hardware and home improvement stores. Match the filler as closely as possible to the color of your piece and apply in several thin layers rather than in one thick layer. Put a spoonful of wood furniture wax, about the size of a golf ball, in a square of 100% cotton fabric.