How to Use a Coupon Code For Books

When it comes to saving money on books, a coupon code is one of the best ways to get a discount. However, there are some restrictions. You must be aware of the expiration date and requirements for activating the coupon code. Luckily, you can use a coupon code at the online store Kopp Verlag.

Activate a coupon code

You can get a free digital book by activating a coupon code. To do this, first sign up or log in to the website. Then, enter the code in the special space on the profile page. The code is valid for 30 days. However, this offer is not valid in Italy.

You can also use a coupon code to save on your first purchase. Most of them are good for 15% off your purchase. In addition, you will get exclusive loyalty discounts if you sign up for their newsletter. This way, you’ll be the first to know about new promotions.


Coupon codes can be used at a bookstore to give discounts to customers. They give discounts on products with a minimum purchase requirement, usually 25,-. Coupons can be advertised online, in-store, or through email announcements. To use a Kopp Verlag coupon, a book must be listed with an On Store or Ready for Store status. A user with an Admin or Legal role must have access to the book’s detail page. To enable a coupon, click the Promo Codes button, located on the right side of the page. When prompted, enter the number of promo codes that you want to give away.

Expiration date

A promo code is a special number that can be redeemed to get free books. They can be distributed to bloggers, reviewers, or other media contacts. They can also be used by readers to read the book before it is released in the stores. You can generate up to 250 promo codes for a book. The button to generate a promo code will appear on the detail page of a book. Click the button and select the number of promo codes you wish to generate.

There are different types of coupons offered by different companies. Depending on the coupon you have, it may expire after a specific date. For example, if you buy a book from Entertainment Book, the coupon expires on December 31st of the year it was purchased. However, if you purchase a book from the bookstore on another day, the coupon will still be valid.

To avoid confusion, you should make sure that the date on the coupon is a full day before the date it is due to expire. For example, if you are a student living in PST, then you should choose an expiry date that is a full day before that date.

Alternatively, you can look for a Kopp Verlag coupon that gives you 15% off the price of your purchase. This coupon is valid for new customers and existing customers. You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive additional discount offers.