How to Use Your Free EMR

If you are searching for an EMR, there are plenty of free options to choose from. These include OpenEMR, NOSH, OneTouch and ChARM.


OpenEMR is an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system that is free to download and use. It is a fully integrated application with features such as e-prescriptions, patient scheduling, billing and medical chart tracking.

OpenEMR is available in Windows, Linux and open source based platforms. This allows you to customize the software to meet your needs. In addition, it can be used on several different platforms, including the web, mobile and desktop.

OpenEMR has become a popular choice for many healthcare organizations because of its advanced features, user-friendly design and robust support. Many users have reported being able to successfully implement it in their organization without any previous IT experience. The software is also designed to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.

For example, you can customize your user interface. You can create triggers to automatically schedule events, add language and ethnicity tracking, and more. Moreover, you can track primary and secondary information, and HIPAA information.


ChARM EHR is an affordable electronic health record solution that is perfect for small to medium sized medical practices. Featuring customizable templates, this system provides a user-friendly interface that enables improved clinical outcomes. It also offers mobile support, which helps you to stay connected to your patients.

ChARM is HIPAA compliant, which means that your data is safe. This EHR software is available on a range of devices, including tablets, computers, and smartphones. The software can easily be accessed from anywhere, and backing up your data is done regularly.

Charm EHR also has a patient portal, which allows patients to book appointments and request refills. This can improve the quality of care and communication between providers and patients.

Charm EHR is also HITECH Act compliant. The software uses 256-bit encryption to secure your data. You can choose from three plans. Each plan is designed for different types of practices. For instance, the entry level plan is ideal for single provider practices.


One Touch EMR is an electronic health record (EHR) system that can be used by physicians and practices of all sizes. The system enables doctors to quickly chart patients, while also allowing them to write prescriptions and schedule appointments.

One Touch EMR is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device. It features a user-friendly dashboard that shows patients’ medical histories, as well as the activities of the practice staff.

This EMR has a built-in lab order and e-prescribing capabilities. In addition, it offers the option to integrate with popular practice management solutions.

This software is available for download from various online sources, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There are free trials of the program, which allow you to experience its capabilities.


The NOSH EMR (New Open Source Health ChartingSystem) is an electronic medical record system for physicians and health care providers. It is built to streamline and simplify healthcare workflow. In addition to offering a wide range of functionalities, it allows users to access data from a secure server, and it provides a cost-effective pricing plan.

Nosh EMR is an open source, cloud-based EHR. It is a self-sovereign platform, which means it uses encryption technology to protect your privacy. However, it does require a hardware investment, and it requires training for its use.

It is customizable, so you can build your own charting system. It includes a patient portal, and your patients can fill out and send in their own forms. This way, you can keep track of their data and communicate with them.


DoliMed EMR is a free software that’s a bit of a hybrid. It’s a PHP script that uses MySQL databases to store data. It’s a decent, if not spectacular, example of the open source software movement.

There are other open source EMR systems out there, but DoliMed stands out as the most palatable for medical professionals. You can use it to track patients and exchange health records with other clinics in your area. Depending on the version you choose, it also boasts some pretty cool mobile tools.

The software has a well-thought-out feature set, including an easy-to-use interface, a secure server, and a rich store. Even the most nitpicky of doctors and nurses will be impressed with how smoothly the system runs. In fact, the underlying technology is so good that a company called inodbox even provides secure hosting for the application.