International Travel and Health Insurance to Cover Short Term Missions

Short term missions and outreach are some of the terms that churches and Christian organizations use to promote short-term outings in countries during summer vacations.

It is easy not to take your health into account when you get involved in fundraising, training, and all the other excitement. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will not be exposed to health hazards due to your short term stay or the nature your work Church Insurance Company.

What could go wrong while on a short term international trip?

  1. Don Jenkins was an elderly man who joined United Methodist Church for their volunteer missions to the Dominican Republic.Due to his work in construction, Don Jenkins sustained significant head injuries and was required to pay $90,000.
  2. Shane Luiz, a college sophomore, drowned just a day after returning from a short-term mission trip.His team had traveled to the Dominican Republic for a Vacation Scripture School for children.
  3. A young college student was bitten at the bite of a poisonous serpent on a small Indonesian Island.The victim was on a brief missionary trip. She was tragically killed by the snake bite. Her family paid a large sum to have her remains sent back to the United States.

Why is it so critical to have short-term international medical insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a volunteer or team leader planning to take a Missions team to East Asia. You need to seriously consider short-term international healthcare insurance.

First, national insurance doesn’t usually cover expenses in the United States. Don Jenkins’ family had the unfortunate experience of having to mortgage their house to pay for $30,000 in medical evacuation.

A second advantage is the wide variety of plans that you can choose from. Individuals in short-term international coverage will find the right plan. Plans are available for small groups up to two people. There are separate plans to cover outreaches as well as Church trips and NGO’s. This will allow you to choose the best plan for your particular situation.

Third, having everyone covered will help to preserve the credibility and trustworthiness in your organization.

But is this going to be costly?

Your team will be more open to accepting support if insurance is included in the number. It may be possible to register as an entire group to get a reduced rate.

This is a great way for you and your family to be able to look after yourself while helping others.