Is Your PAT Testing Company Going To Burn Your Business Down?

Every industry has a minority of people that supply it a terrible name, by way of ‘providing a provider’; in the case of PAT checking out we seek advice from them as “Sticker Jockey’s” – they’re no longer PAT Testers they’re time wasters.

They might also have the qualification to mention they may be a PAT tester, they may even have been doing the job for a long term, but they are not genuine PAT testers that the enterprise insiders would endorse.

Who are “Sticker Jockeys”?

They are folks who rush round a website “trying out” as many items as they are able to in as quick a time as viable to be able to make the Pat Testing Company West Lothian most money they are able to. I say “checking out” inside the inverted commas due to the fact what they generally tend to do is certainly one of strategies:

>They will do full exams on approx. 10% of your electric appliances and then plaguerise the outcomes over the other ninety% of objects

> They will do no electric or visual checks on any appliances whatsoever

Whichever any such you’ve got working for you, you’re:
• Wasting your money
• Not blanketed
• And you could nonetheless have faulty appliances going undetected

The one factor you have become is a pleasant little decal that’s stuck to each of your electric appliances, and that is what you’re deciding to buy. It may as nicely be a charge tag as this is all it’s really worth. So that would be you are paying someone to vandalise your private home or put a 3p price tag on every object, due to the fact the sticker won’t be worth any more than that.

And what did the PAT trying out organization price you? 50p consistent with object – they have made 47p earnings on every item you have got.

If you have got one thousand items it cost you £500 for some stickers which are really worth £30.

You’re getting nothing in your cash, besides for that sticker, and if you’re fortunate enough to get certificate and a log e-book of consequences there is a good risk they are faux.

How easy is it for a agency to send you a list of news announcing “passed, exceeded, exceeded”?

Try it for your self; open Excel, in Column 1 positioned the place (Main workplace) in column 2 put the object description (Computer), in column three type “Pass” – there you, cross, it’s how clean it’s far.

How did this manifest?

When you asked costs the authentic business enterprise provided a fair rate, then another organization undercut them. You selected the corporation with the most inexpensive price without thinking of every other factors.

The first organization offered to check your 500 gadgets for £1 in step with item, they said it’d take 2 days to complete, at a fee of approx. 30 items per hour.
The second enterprise stated they could check your 500 gadgets for 50p in keeping with item, and that they would do it in a day – wow, what a proposal! Half the rate and half of the time, it’s brilliant – we’ll e book them. But did you reflect onconsideration on what you’re getting?

If it takes organisation A who’ve been set up 3 years, have completed extra than 30,000 PAT Tests 2 days to do the work successfully, how can corporation B who only formed last month do it in half the time? This is with the same wide variety of human beings doing the process – 1 man or woman.

Let’s do the maths; Company A prices £1 for every item, at 500 objects, that is £500. It takes 2 days, so that’s £250 consistent with day that is a decent daily rate. From the £250.00 the company has to pay for gas, coverage, certificate, labels, equipment, etc. So, after all that, the daily earnings (and consequently wage) is £2 hundred (approx. Figures). The engineer worked 8 hours, plus had ½ hour for lunch, so he earned £25.00 in keeping with hour while he become working (the common rate for the enterprise).

Company B costs 50p consistent with object, at 500 gadgets it truly is £250.00. If they did the activity effectively it might take 2 days, which would be £125 according to day, after charges, it truly is approx. £seventy five in line with day, or £nine.38 in keeping with hour. Still not a awful salary I count on you may say.

Have you taken under consideration what else you get from Company A? Time spent inside the office compiling and downloading your correct consequences, and issuing them to you along side your certificates.

So employer B might have made less than half if they had accomplished the job over 2 days, hence why they do it in someday to make as plenty earnings. However, how do they check 60 gadgets in step with hour whilst it takes A an hour to check 30 items? The time it takes to test internal a plug, check the cable and the appliance takes the equal amount of time for anybody, and the minimum time the testing machine allows for a test to finish is the equal for each gadget.

There is another crucial aspect to consider right here: you hired a large employer to do that process at 50p per object, they then sub-shriveled the task to a nearby contractor, at 25p consistent with object. That contractor, on 25p consistent with object has to get the five hundred gadgets performed in the 1 day, to earn £one hundred twenty five for 8 hours difficult paintings. It’s impossible to do the whole lot effectively on this time.

It takes corporation A 2 minutes to complete each check, but company B can do the same take a look at in 1 minute? How can this be? It can not… It is no longer feasible with out skipping huge corners.

An electrical take a look at not finished correctly approach any risks won’t be flagged, because of this you can have “been pat tested” and feature “PAT Testing certificate” but still now not be protected from a possible electrocution or hearth.