Moon Astrology: The Ultimate Planet Guide

Read more about moon phases astrology here. Your Rising sign represents the sign that was rising along the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This sign connects to your body physically – its appearance – and your own personal style. It represents the impression you give others and how others perceive you. With the moon in Taurus or the 2nd house, you have a deep need for security in every area of life.

What does the October 2023 lunar eclipse in Taurus mean, astrologically?

For example, those born at New Moon are more bold and active than people born at Full Moon. A Moon in water signs can give you the gift of a refined sixth sense, sometimes even psychic abilities. The Moon in astrology also governs your instincts that tell you if you are lost on the right track.

Moon in Leo

They value emotional bonding and nurturing others so let them give to you to appeal to them. They are also the most likely to get really heated or deeply affected by current events. When bad things happen in the world, they will either shut down or take it to the streets to express themselves. When things get emotionally tumultuous, someone with their Moon in Libra will be very vocal which can alienate them from time to time. You don’t create drama because you like it, you create it because others refuse to be their true selves, and you are as real as they come. The Sun sign represents the core of your personality, the deeper, basest version of yourself. The Sun is the center of our galaxy, and your Sun sign is the center of yourself.

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A Scorpio Moon is categorized by it’s intense, sensual, and even a little frisky nature from their emotional attraction to all things dark and pleasure-filled. A Moon in Pisces person has strong compassion as well as love. They are accepting of others and will often see themselves in others.

We are friendly, big-hearted, sociable, and optimistic. It is easy to make social contacts under this influence.

We’re conservative with money, pleasure, and romance at this time, ready to analyze and dissect these matters. This can also be a time when helping others, particularly with good advice regarding these Venus-ruled things, can be prominent and successful.