Moving  A Piano Without Professional’s Help 

Often, successfully doing difficult things make up feel powerful and fulfilled. But sometimes, leaving professional jobs to the professional is also powerful and fulfilling. It is because we are admitting that there are things we cannot do and that we need help.

Like moving pianos, you are probably reading this article because you are trying to move your piano without professional movers.

Pianos often weigh between 300 and 1,000 pounds or more, so it takes a lot of strength to move a piano. Anyone who has completed the complex undertaking will attest to the need for significant labor and planning. Working with a reputable moving company that has experience moving pianos is your best choice if you need to move your instrument,

Because it is so tiresome and challenging, it has even developed its market within the moving industry. Nowadays, you may discover nationwide moving and storage businesses that specialize in moving pianos. For instance, North Charleston piano movers. They are efficient and trained well.

A piano is frequently the most expensive and valuable item in a person’s home. A high-quality piano can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000. Given the price of a piano, it must be treated with the utmost care.

How can you move a piano without professional movers?

Prepare your materials for moving. You will need the following:

  • four or more people’s worth of upper body strength
  • working gloves
  • fabric or plastic wrap can also be utilized
  • a sturdy dolly
  • adhesives or tapes
  • sling straps
  • straps for weightlifting
  • the van or any durable car ramp
  • padded cardboard

Start by measuring the piano’s size before doing anything else. You must be very confident in the precise measurements of your particular upright piano. This will enable you to arrange the entire relocation procedure.

Planning the move’s specifics will streamline the procedure if you decide to do it yourself. Worst case, you have hired help, purchased the tools you need, and lifted the hefty object, only to discover that your doorway is too small for it. Plan the piano’s path during the move and consider the rooms it must travel through.

Please make a note of the piano’s measurements after measuring it. Next, make sure there is enough clearance by measuring the width of the door opening (you may take doors out of the hinges), the hallways you will pass through, and the staircases of your building. Using these measurements, you can establish the piano’s orientation to fit into your home.

Use moving blankets or other protective coverings to enclose the piano. Be sure to cover the corners to prevent leaving scuffs on the walls. Using bungee cords or packing tape, fasten the moving blankets. The padding or blanket ought to be thick enough to avoid dings or scratches but not so thick that it significantly increases bulk or weight.

It’s essential to safeguard and secure the piano to prevent harm. To protect the keyboard’s keys, close and lock the lid and lock the piano top. Use a screwdriver to separate the piano legs if you can.

Next, once there are no more steps to negotiate, position the dolly toward the end of your moving path; at that point, it is ready to move. Be sure to coordinate with your moving team and lift the piano collectively.

Lastly, the relocation process will begin. To relocate the piano into its new location, you’ll essentially need to reverse the moving-out procedure. Establish the piano’s location and, as before, take measurements of the doorways, hallways, and staircases it will pass through.

Additionally, you should make sure that no kids or animals will trample on anything. Before you start lifting, put pets in their crates or lock them in a room. An adult who isn’t involved in the transfer should watch over little children. Or, even better, arrange for them to have a play date somewhere else.

Moving a piano requires a lot of mental and physical health. It can also lead to injuries. Save yourself from the stress of moving, perhaps one of the heaviest stuff you have at home; call Charleston piano movers now.