Ormus – White Powder Gold

Ormus is the product of years of experimentation. Some of these experiments have led to some amazing results. The content is monoatomic but has superconductor-like characteristics that could be applied in many different directions.

Ormus can also have many different names. A few of these names include the conforming.

Monoatomic gold and white powder gold. (Monoatomic or monatomic gold are often misspelled.

It is thought that once a healthy PH is achieved and Ormus is swallowed by mouth, mind, body and soul will work together to create a sense of equilibrium with the earth. This can improve creativity and wellbeing.

This is also true for horticulture, as well. An Ormus-based super fertilizer can be applied to increase the yield size of vegetables.

Ormus is also believed to have helped with widespread diseases such as:

Alzheimer’s Disease, Bipolar disorder. Cancer. Diabetes. Emphysema. Heart diseases. Lupus. Multiples sclerosis. Muscular dystrophy. Osteoporosis.

Ormus is a fine, white-gold powder that is believed to have the ability to heal.

The health sector is a multibillion-dollar business enterprise. Are you aware of the hospital’s fees? There are so many factors that go into the cost of a hospital. In my opinion, this is the reason Ormus hasn’t made it big. There are other healing qualities and science that it has, but they have been kept secret.

It is unnecessary for the health sector to have such an easy access to all, as they stand to lose A lot of income. But it doesn’t harm to experiment with super vegetables, and maybe even develop an Ormus Extract. You could even win some gardening contests with the supergreens you grow in your local area.

Ormus can have many uses. Even our K-9 pals have had their Ormus treatments. Ormus has too much potential to offer. To help everyone with Ormus white-powder gold’s productivity, get together with me.