Paint Protection Film 101 Help Guide to Basics of PPF

In this ultimate guide, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about Paint Protection Film, why you need it, and how it’s installed. When buying paint protection film, you have to decide how much of your car you want to protect. Read more about Auto Lackschutzfolierung here. You can apply PPF only on vulnerable parts like rocker panels or on the entire car.

Car paint protection film how

Proper installation demands expertise to prevent peeling, lifting, or edge gaps. Our well-installed PPF not only offers superior protection but also enhances the vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

What is a Paint Protection Film?

The ULTIMATE PLUS line is our most rugged and durable film, perfect for exterior or interior applications. It delivers unmatched protection against unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. Now, let’s remember, while Paint Protection Film is powerful and it’s benefits are numerous, it is not a cure-all when it comes to keeping shiny cars shiny. If bird droppings or bug splatter are allowed to sit on film for a long period of time, it can damage the film. After applying Paint Protection Film, you will still have to wash your car. Rather, Paint Protection Film promises that after application, when the forces of nature fight against the depth and clarity of your car’s paint, the paint will fight back. You will add value to your car by protecting it from damage you could not have avoided otherwise.

Exterior or Interior PPF

It is composed of ultra-thin polyurethane material with a heat-activated topcoat and an acrylic adhesive. Its high malleability allows it to conform to any edge and curve on your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and custom fit.

How PPF Protects Your Vehicle’s Paint

I thought it would be worth my while to do a little blog post on PPF, to answer some of the most frequent questions I get in my email inbox. This is purely an interaction between light reflected from the car surface through the film and polarized glasses. It’s best practice to wait 3 days before washing your car after application. You can use a pressure wash eventually, but use caution near the edges as it can cause lifting.