Steps to Refurbishing a Wide Format (Or Large Format) Plotter Or Scanner

Ideally the refurbishing of wide format or large format scanners and plotters should only be performed by factory trained technicians that are always learning and staying up to date with the latest certifications. This will help to ensure maximum reliability, dependability, and support after the sale. If you are in the process of selecting a refurbished wide format device, focus on vendors that perform the following steps in their refurbishing process.

If you are patient and detailed oriented it is Refurbishment services london possible to refurbish your own wide format plotter or scanner, saving you money in the process. Make sure that you follow your manufacturer’s instructions for each step listed below:

  1. The replacement of all consumables, i.e. glass plate, lamp, white background plate
  2. Reset the counters on such items to ensure the longest life possible out of them
  3. As part of the in-house refurbishing process, check all internal camera adjustments for any stitching issues and adjust as needed.
  4. Complete internal cleaning as well as blowing out all the dust
  5. Executing the scanner maintenance calibration is also a key step in the refurbishing process. This step is done with all the proper calibration sheets to align all cameras one final time after unit it reassembled
  6. Drivers and software are installed and communication and software compatibility is tested

If a vendor is performing the refurbishing of the wide format or large format scanner or plotter, a solid warranty should be offered. Items should be professionally packed and shipped on a pallet to ensure safe arrival.