The Wild and Crazy Music of Nirvana

Nirvana was formed in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington and its music genre focused more on alternative rock and grunge. It was a smaller band in size with only three main members, including Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Nirvana would be bringing in a big change in music that made them a hit among their audience; unfortunately, the band’s life was short lived due to the demise of Kurt Cobain in 1994. However, Nirvana’s music would continue to be enjoyed and the albums the group put out during its existence are still being sold. The other two members of the band would also continue to release albums of their own and continue their own musical careers.

It took a little time before the Nirvana Singapore band was able to settle on the name Nirvana. There were a few other names the members were contemplating, but they settled on Nirvana as Kurt Cobain wanted a name that was nice and beautiful instead of something ugly and typical. The music they created during the years the band was active was also a reflection of this. From the time they first started putting out music until Kurt Cobain’s death, the music continued to change and remain relatively original. This originality and experimentation with their music was well received by their audience.

Even Kurt himself realized how much their music kept changing and growing when he admitted that many of their first songs were angrier, while their later songs became “poppier” and “happier.” While it was good for the band to have their music so well accepted, Kurt Cobain was a little shy of the attention. He wanted the focus more on their music than on their fans and possible future awards. Apparently, the music meant more to him than anything else, so much so that he worked hard to keep the focus of the band in itself.

It really is unfortunate that the band had such a short run as they were on a good start to having a very successful future. In fact, it is possible that if Kurt had been successful in kicking his addictive and devastating habit the band could have enjoyed many more years of popularity. They could have even possibly won awards and gained far more recognition than they had. As mentioned before, after Kurt Cobain passed away, the other members of the band continued on their own musical career. It seems that Kurt was not the only one who wanted to compose and perform music for others to enjoy.