Top 5 Muscle Building Back Exercises

Do you desire to add some mass to the back but are unsure where to begin? Here are the top five exercises to help you build a strong back. A strong back is something you should be proud of. So here are five back exercises we recommend Rückengymnastik.

#1 The Deadlift

If you are serious about improving your training program and want to bulk up your muscle, deadlifts are a must-have. Although the deadlift can seem intimidating to beginners, it’s one of the best back exercises.

Deadlifts not only target the back muscles but they also train the lower body. This incredible exercise will stimulate the muscles of your core, hamstrings (thighs), lower back, core and traps.

#2 Bent Over Barbell Rows

This great exercise will stimulate your muscles in large areas. You’ll not only be able to target your upperback with bent over barsbell rows, but you will also get to work your lower back, traps and hamstrings. Additionally, the bent-over barbell row requires very little equipment. Be sure to use a heavy weight that stimulates the muscles and allows for full range of motion.

#3 T-Bar Rows

To continue with our theme on exercises that are easy to do and require very little equipment, here’s the T-Bar Row. This exercise is commonly found in the workouts of old-school bodybuilders. It is both functionally and highly effective. T-Bar rows should be included in any training program. They will add thickness to your thighs and traps as well as mass to your upper back and deltoids. As with all weight exercises, it is important to ensure that your bar weight is heavy enough to stimulate the back without restricting your movements.

#4 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

The single-arm dumbbell rack is a great addition. It stimulates the middle and upper spine, while targeting the shoulders, traps, biceps, lats, and traps. The single arm dumbbell ring allows isolation of one side of the back. This is valuable as the area of muscle that goes into back training is so large. To get the most out single arm dumbbells rows, you should focus on pulling weight with your back muscles rather than the biceps.

#5 Pull-Ups and Chin Ups

For the most part, free weights are our favorite back exercises. The easy choice was to include pullups and the chin ups in our top five back exercise choices. These exercises require very minimal equipment and are highly effective in back training programs. Beginners should begin by trying chinups with the palms facing forward. These exercises use more of the back than the pull up and are therefore a lot easier. A weight belt can be used to add resistance once the pull up has been learned.