Why Should You Get Anonymous Proxy Service?

Have you ever wondered why many people get anonymous proxy service? This is not being paranoid or obsessive about your security, but the truth is that giving away your IP address is like giving away your home address to a complete stranger! We don’t do that; so why should we let anyone have our IP address?

The fact is that proxies socks5 law protects everyone against identity theft but at the same time allows unsecured sites to get our IP addresses. Some hackers misuse this information. What actually happens is that when we visit a website or a forum etc. an IP log is created which is required to be kept confidential. But there are instances when the webmasters of these sites misuse these logs which they are not supposed to use and make personal information public.

Although such violation can be dealt with legally but that would mean spending a large amount of money to file a law suit against the website and in many cases these sites are based in foreign countries and they don’t have similar laws to protect your information, besides the damage has already been done. In such cases it is better to safe than sorry.

You will find a lot of good service providers which provide anonymous proxy services with different levels of security and anonymity. This way no one can trace back your internet activities back to you.

The question why you should keep your web surfing without a trace is important because there are many companies who offer money to webmasters of different forums and websites to sell the data of users based on their locations. The other reason for hiding your IP is to protect yourself from being tracked by anyone as hackers can track your activity and in some cases they can exploit this information.

If you are looking for making your web surfing untraceable then the best solution is to get on a virtual private network also known as VPN. This way you can continue to surf the internet freely without having the fear of being tracked or harassed by anyone later.

Just to add as a note of caution. If your activities on the internet are illegal then these service providers will not protect you from the law. Probably they will provide all your activity data to the authorities. So this is no way to cover your footsteps if you are committing a crime on the internet, but a service to protect you from other offenders.